Troubleshooting the simulator

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There is a known issue with the camera device (or in fact any USB device) having trouble to mount when a computer is “cold started”. If you are experiencing this problem simply exit SimWay HUNT, disconnect and then reconnect the camera USB plugs. 
Restart the program and wait for the main menu to appear.


Go to the Settings Menu and choose screen calibration. Choose settings. Check the light value in the green and blue box in the upper left corner, see installation for recommended values.
Fire at the middle of the screen and look for a green/magenta blob/dot to appear. If nothing is visible, try aiming the camera towards a light source like the sun, a strong lamp or a window. Watch for a somewhat blurry, black and white image on the screen. Refocus the camera lens if necessary and put it back in position, facing the projection screen (you might need to refocus again). The most common error is that the camera is out of focus, you adjust focus by gently turn the lenses.
Alternatively, hold a light source in the center of the screen, a lighter will work too. Look for a white blob/dot to appear in the area where you are aiming.
If none of the suggested troubleshooting actions above seem to have any effect, please contact your SimWay HUNT reseller for further instructions.


If SimWay Hunt doesn’t seem to react when you’re shooting at the screen with the dummy weapon, then please follow these steps:
Go to the Settings Menu and choose screen calibration. Choose settings.
Make sure the bolt handle is all the way down and locked into position. Check the weapon again by firing at the screen. Watch for a green/magenta blob/dot.
Try another weapon just to rule out a possible camera or software malfunction. Try firing both rifles at the middle of the screen and look for green/magenta blob/dots, if neither weapon seems to work, please follow the instructions on how to check the camera above. If the other rifle works, check if they are using the same laser wavelength by checking the colors of the SimWay sticker, they come in red and yellow. If the rifles use different laser wavelengths it could be a camera problem.

Check which camera sees the working rifle by holding a hand in front of one camera lens whilst firing. Then try to adjust the focus of the other camera lens to see if this then picks up the other rifle fire.

Check the batteries. Put the weapon upside down on a table and remove the “ammo cover” by firmly pressing the cover’s front piece (see pic.). On some rifles the lid opens easily, on others you might need to apply some force to open it. When the cover is removed you can replace the batteries (AAA). When inserting new ones, make sure they have contact with the battery poles inside the holder. The batteries fit snugly in the holder and sometimes they can get stuck halfway. Check the weapon again by firing at the screen. Look for a green/magenta blob/dot on the screen. 

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